Land Management Division

Land Management Division's main office is based in Bairiki in South Tarawa and has a small branch in Kiritimati Island.  There are four Departments within LMD which roles are more concentrated on the overall management of Lands in Kiribati particularly the managing of Government-owned lands (state lands) and leaseholds.

One of the principal functions of the Land Management Division is the administration of the government‘s substantial landholdings. Most of the Government’s land is found on South Tarawa and is almost exclusively leased from the landowners rather than purchased outright.  LMD is updating and maintaining the current computerized Land Register known as Kiribati Land Information System (KLIS). 


The function of the Land Management Division is overlaid by legal statutes, legislation, and ordinances such as the Native Land Ordinance (Cap61) where it provides for maintenance of duplicate registers by the Native Land Registrar and sets out powers of government surveyors and the indefeasibility of titles. Rent Review Ordinance (Cap.90) provides a statutory mechanism for the review of land rentals at an interval of three years. Foreshore and Land Reclamation Ordinance (Cap35) where the Director of Lands is given the responsibility for administering the provisions of this Ordinance, particularly as it relates to the construction of causeways and other land reclamation works by gov’t. The Land Planning regime has been in place pursuant to the Land Planning Ordinance (Cap48) where provisions are made for planning purposes. The State Land Act 2001 helps regulate the controlling of all state lands in Kiribati particularly in Line & Phoenix for proper planning and proper utilization of Government lands and so forth. There are more legislations and Acts that contribute to the function of the Land Management Division, but just a few are mentioned.


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