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Head Quarter

MELAD headquarters is located in Bikenibeu comprising of four units which are the Admin, Planning & Project unit, Account unit, and IT unit. These four units work as one in delivering efficient and effective administrative MELAD services to the public


The admin key role is to provide administrative guidance, advice, support, and good customer services to internal customers as all staff and also external customers considered as stakeholders or the Public. It deals with coordination and ensuring that all activities are carried out according to the set work plan for the units and Divisions that are in line with the Kiribati Development Plan, and are also associated with the Government manifesto, Cabinet decisions, Parliament commitments and that those activities thatare part of the Kiribati existing policies such as, Kiribati Vision 20 (KV20) and National Condition of services


The Registry is managed by the Office Manager in which 3 Registry staffsassist in ensuring that customers are served in a prompt and friendly mannervia telecommunication or face to face and that services are dispatch promptly to their required destinations. The Registry served as the front line for MELAD quality customer needs and that all lodged requests are answered within three working days

Planning & Project

This unit comprised of the 3 staff mainly the Senior Project Officer as Head of the unit and the Project officers. The PPU main role is to significantly contribute toward the Ministry Administration and Project Management

                                Support to Administration and Decision making

·         From time to time PPU provides policy advice to Secretary and the Minister on initiative and project  pertinent to improving the service delivery of MELAD to all I-Kiribati

·         Contribute to the Annual Budgetary submission of the Ministry and provide recommendation on the Development Fund

·         Compilation of the MSP and MOP to ensure the objectives align with TKP goals, milestonestoward realizing the KV 20 and the Manifesto


Project Management and Monitoring

·         Design and formulate project proposals required by Divisions (ALD, ECD< LMD) and PIPA implementation office to enhance and update their services delivery

·         Appraise concept notes and project prior submission to NEPO and DCC for final recommendation and approval

·         Monitoring of 20+ Project managed and implemented by Divisions and Office, Project report. Quarterly on their progress using NEPO Quarterly Reporting template

·         Maintain and update the Project database as a centralization reference source of all completed and ongoing projects

·         Provide acquittal report for MELAD completed report

Information Technology

This unit ensures that the Ministry delivers its service efficiently and effectively through e-network and that technology used by staff are with good quality, well updated and suitable for delivering quality services to the public.Given different locations of each Division, the unit main focus is to provide a centralized based network for easy accessibility and sharing of information. The IT manager is head of the unit and the IT specialist as his assistant on IT matters in different Division


The account mainly deals with the overall budget of the Ministry’s Recurrent and Development budget. The Senior Accountant is Head of the unit, ensuring that the Ministry’s budget submissions are on time and that ordering and purchasing are proper according to the financial regulation and Procurement act. The Account unit handles payment of the Ministry’s needs to Private sectors and also handles receipt payment of ECD fees for Environment associated costs and ALD for phytol sanitary Biosecurity fees

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