Agriculture and Livestock Division

Agriculture and Livestock Division

This is one of the MELAD divisions and has four units which are Information, Training & Extensions (ITE), Crop Production & Research Development (CPRD), Biosecurity & Plant Health (BPH) and Livestock Production & Animal Welfare (LPAW). The Division is located in Tanaea 

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Information, Training & Extension (ITE)

Services Provided

    • - Collect agricultural informationfrom sections and other sources for storage, mass production and dissemination
    • - Prepare training materials in agriculture such as leaflets, posters and brochures for training purpose and dissemination, newsletters on a quarterly basis and a radio program namely TeBaimaiu for broadcastingand public awareness
    • - Conduct agricultural trainings for communities, schools and farmers
    • - Compile monthly reports from outer islands and respond to requirement requests from Agricultural Assistants and Nurserymen in outer islands
    • - Liaise with sections for outer island requirements, collect and dispatch those to outer islands on a timely manner

Crop Production & Research Development (CPRD)

Services Provided

  • 1. Conservation of local fruit trees through the establishment of field gene-banks
  • 2. Mass production of plantlets through seeds and vegetative propagation
  • 3. Conduct field trials on different cropping and irrigation systems appropriate for atoll conditions
  • 4. Conduct trainings and training attachments in compost making and application, crop husbandry and management of local and introduced crops for communities, schools, farmers and youths
  • 5. Marketing of vegetable seedlings, cuttings and plant products from the Agricultural Nurseries in South Tarawa and outer islands
  • 6. Provide technical support and advice on crop husbandry and management to farmers
  • 7. Prepare technical and advisory information on crop husbandry and management for mass production and dissemination by ITE

Biosecurity & Plant Health (BPH)

Services Provided

  • 1. Inspection of incoming vessels, aircrafts, mails, passengers, baggage and cargoes to ensure that they are free from plant and animal pests & diseases and comply with import requirements
  • 2. Assessment of import application
  • 3. Issuance of import permits on plants, animals and their products, second hand goods, and sand & gravel
  • 4. Issuance of phytosanitary certificate for plant products to be taken abroad by air and sea travelers
  • 5. Conduct import risk assessment to determine import conditions for regulated goods
  • 6. Inspection and certification of commercial regulated goods for export
  • 7. Conduct national surveillance and surveys on weeds, plant pests and diseases
  • 8. Inspection and treatment of planting materials to ensure that they do not carry pests and diseases to outer islands
  • 9. Conduct research trials on control measures applicable for plant pests and diseases in atoll conditions
  • 10. Inspection and treatment of planting materials to ensure that they do not carry pests and diseases to outer islands
  • 11. Prepare technical advisory information on biosecurity and plant protection for mass production and dissemination by ITE

Lands & Property Valuation Unit

Services Provided

  • - Provide Valuation report for Loan Purples for lands, buildings, homes, rental house etc
  • - Provide tree compensation rates
  • - Ceased for land rent payment required court minute (court order)
  • - Apply for lands valuation, buildings

Things needed

  • - Certificate of Ownership Cost $5.00
  • - Site Plan form Mapping section Cost $1.00
  • - Application of registration landowner 

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