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                                                       Mr Kirata Nuubati’s story of a heathier life.

By Titan Toakai

Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

“ I just can’t believe that I’m actually selling my first produce off my home garden”, admitted 45 year-old Kirata Nuubati as he proudly plucked off a handful of cabbage leaves to sell.

Nuubati is one of a few people in his community at Nuuka, Beru Island who has no interest in any agricultural activities nor possess gardening tools such as shovels, spades and a wheel-barrow.

 It was last year, 2017 when the Kiribati Outer Islands Food and Water Project (KOIFAWP)’s Island Facilitator had a good talk with Nuubati on the benefits of home gardening for the well-being of his family.

“ I started off by planting dozens of cabbages, few sweet peppers and cucumbers in my home garden”, continued Nuubati.

Nuubati established his home garden assisted by a KOIFAWP’s Community Field Officer who lent him the project’s gardening tools.

“While workinh on my home gardening I felt that it’s really interesting and productive”, he said,

Neighbours went to watch Nuubati’s home gardens and demanding to know if his produce are for sale.

Months later, Nuubati extended his home garden to accommodate other crop varieties which are for his family consumptions and cash crop.

I’m still amazed that my crops and plants tend to manage quite well in this grow well in my drought-prone island. Years ago, I find it really hard to look for food to feed my family but KOIFAWP has changed me to where I am today. Easy access to fresh food with some money to buy seeds and other home necessities”.

Nuubati sleeps in his garden to ward off crawly intruders who made their nightly visits visible by leaving holes on leaves and fruits.

Besides tending his plants, Nuubati also deals with his night visitors by pouring hot water into crab holes, taking out insects and caterpillars off the leaves and plants and destroying ant-holes.

Nuubati wished to share his experience and success to his male friends challenging them to give home gardening a go for a better future through IFAD’s project, the Kiribati Outer Islands Food and Water Project.

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