ALD Ongoing Projects


The project carry out trials on the compost mix supplies on the island of Abaiang and South Tarawa. The major objective is to find the best compost mix supplies favourable for farming productions.  Part of the activities done under this project involved the set up of bucket irrigation system that are easy for farmers, compost set up in the glasshouse and monitoring of climate smart agriculture groups involving community group. The result of the trial will be shared and used to improve soil fertility in the remaining islands of Kiribati.


The Kiribati Outer Island Food and Water Project is designed to improve the livelihoods of people living in the rural islands through promotion of agricultural food supplies and provision of safe drinking water sources through installation of rainwater catchment systems. The impact of the project is expected to generate income sources through sell of agricultural products and to improve health of people through their access to fresh vegetables supplies and safe drinking water sources. The project focused on the four islands of Abemama, Beru, Tab North and Nonouti. See KOIFAWP webpage to see details of project’s activities.


The project is developed to spearhead coconut trees replanting in all the islands of Kiribati. Through this project saw mill machines including blades are provided which are used to cut down the senile trees, the trunk are cut into different timber sizes and sold to people who use the timber for local house construction and making of furniture.

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