Land Registration Information & Valuation


-Registration should carried out by court in order to register current landowners

-Deceased landowner must submit their minute to LMD office for their registration.

-Share and distribution on lease may determine by the court.

-Court Order must proceed by court in order to ceased lease payment.


-Providing Landownership and Land list to customers

* Ownership cost $5.60

*  Land list cost $1.00 per page


-Creating bank account can simply fasten received of lease payment.

-Reassured to create bank account

-Transfer of lease payment into your account


-Enforcing & maintaining by preparing DNE database both electronically and manually to ensure that the dependents of the deceased will maintain receiving a virtuous share.

-Entering and updating Incoming monetary for deceased into DNE database.

-Raising of payment voucher to finance for opening of new term deposit accounts for    beneficiaries and for payment according to court minutes.

-monitoring the withdrawal of funds from term deposit account (IBD) by the               concerned beneficiaries that been under DOL trustee.

-only concerned beneficiaries must submit their withdrawal letter along with their ID   cards upon reaching maturity age (18 years old or above)

-to provide assistance regarding deceased bank accounts and loan statement by     inquiring to ANZ bank and closing of deceased account.



- estimation of the worth of something especially one carried out by a professional        valuer.

· To ensure that new rates provided for the government for every 3 years.

· Provide information and advices to loan agencies for loan security purposes.

· Advice the public on services including valuation on rental, lease, purchase/sales  and land acquisition.


Things needed

- Deal with Land rent payments
- Photo taking for (Lease Payments)
- Collected cash or cheque from Finance  

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