Wildlife Conservation Unit

The Wildlife Conservation Unit (WCU) is responsible for safeguarding all native wildlife on Kiritimati Island, as well as other islands in the Line and Pheonix Groups. The species that come under the protection of the WCU are listed in the Kiribati Wildlife Ordinance, Cap 100. The WCU is most active in protecting bird populations as well as certain species of turtle.


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Unit Responsibilities

1.      Conducting surveys of bird and turtle populations in both breeding and non-breeding seasons,

2.      Mapping and monitoring the nesting colonies for birds and turtles,

3.      Setting up boundaries where required,

4.      Patrolling/policing in both Closed Areas (CAs) and Wildlife Sanctuaries (WS),

5.      Trapping, hunting and eradicating invasive alien species, e.g. feral cats, rats and feral dogs (especially female),

6.      Erecting and maintaining ‘no entry’ signs in the CAs or at nesting sites where crossing is not allowed (seasonal closed roads),

7.      Issuing entry licenses to the CAs, Environment Licenses (EL) and Building Permits (BP),

8.      Escorting locals and tourists for bird watching and guiding them around the island,

9.      Visiting other remote islands in the Line and Phoenix groups for bird monitoring and data updating,

10.   Monitoring the ‘kakai’ activities (including local people camping out as illegal squatters),

11.   Public awareness through school visits, conducting class with JSS, EYC program and community visits,

12.   Executing clean ups, replanting and beautification of public areas with EYC and with the support of various Linnix and other Ministries including KUC, government agencies and private businesses,

13.   Creating parks and public areas,

14.  Enforcing the Environment Act 1999 (as amended in 2007)

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