(i) Improve Piggery and Poultry production and Welfare to support and sustain more nutritious, accessible and affordable livestock products for all I-Kiribati.

Output 5: Appropriate Livestock Management practices developed and promoted.


5.1: Pig pen campaign – Improve piggery management practices developed and adopted.

5.2: Deep Litter/Battery cage campaign – Improve duck and chicken management practices developed and adopted.

5.3: Animal Disease status updated – Improve animal disease surveillance and control.

5.4: Animal Laboratory Refurbished – Improve Animal Health Laboratory.

5.5: Conduct Public Awareness on Animal Diseases/Animal Health Clinical services – Improve Animal Health Services

Output 6: Livestock Genetics Diversified, improved, conserved and utilized. 

6.1: Maintain and improve production of Shaver Brown for distribution to the outer islands – Improvement in Animal breeds

– Improved distribution of improved breeds

6.2: Training on Egg Production for Beginners – Community Development for Poultry Farming.

6.3: Outer islands Trip for Poultry promotion and Training.

6.4: Liaise with local supplier to order feed to sustain food system for Poultry production

Output 7: Livestock feed for local ingredients developed.

7.1: Conduct research on locally available ingredients (crops) to be used in Livestock feed

7.2: Explore Cassava, Breadfruit, Coconut, Drumstick, and Fish to become local ingredients for Livestock feed

7.3: Liaise with Crop Research to conduct a replanting campaign of Cassava and Drumstick on S.Tarawa and Outer islands.

Output 8: Livestock waste management improved.

8.1: Livestock Solid waste valuable resource campaign on S.Tarawa and outer islands.

8.2: Urban Garden Cassava campaign on S.Tarawa and outer islands –  Focusing on using organic materials and Livestock manure as compost to grow cassava for home consumption and Livestock feed.

8.3: Explore Bio-Gas production from Livestock solid waste as a means to manage livestock waste.